A gust roused the waves,
leaves blew into the water,
the waves were ash-gray,
the sky tin-gray,
ash-gray the autumn.

It was good for my heart:
there my feelings were ash-gray,
the sky tin-gray,
ash-gray the autumn.

The breath of wind brought cooler air,
the waves of mourning brought separation:
autumn and autumn
befriend each other.

Juhan Liiv, “Leaves Fell,” trans. H. L. Hix & Jüri Talvet, Poetry (June 2011)

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If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

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healing wounds | it’s me capsule collection

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Went to a gig to review it for the Argus and got chatting to the band (including the super super hot double bass player) and they bought me a drink and gave me a free copy of their album and then tomorrow I get to write this all into a proper review to perhaps go in the paper

what I am saying is that I think I have found my perfect course

a college course where you get marks for going to gigs


by Samantha French


This Is How Much The Female Portrait Has Evolved In The Last 500 Years

Art history books have a reputation of showcasing dead, white, European males — DWEM — and the (mostly white) women they handpicked as muses. Portrait after portrait reveals a woman’s face through a man’s gaze, casting a rather unsavory light on the tendency of artists to eroticize, objectify or idolize the female form.

See the full video for a striking look at the female portrait.

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"Thank you for your application to join the National Union of Journalists. We will be in touch shortly."


This is how you pack to go to Afghanistan.





Oxford comma catastrophe

No, I think they nailed it.

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"When I was fifteen, I was raped by three boys while competing at a gymnastics tournament. I was so ashamed, that I stood on a train track, and waited for the train to come. At the last moment, I tried to jump away. I woke up after a month. It was the middle of the night, and I could immediately tell that something was missing. I started feeling all over my body, and that’s when I realized that I’d lost my arm. Now I council teenagers who have been diagnosed with HIV. I’m normally the first to meet with them after they get their results. I try to explain to them that there’s a way out of even the most impossible situations."

(Odessa, Ukraine)

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"Ukraine has suffered so much. We’ve lost so many people to war and famines and historical events. Almost seven million Ukrainians were killed in World War II, more than any other country. We don’t need much in this country. We’re not an imperialistic people. We aren’t very warlike. Our land is covered with black soil, so we can grow everything we need. We just need peace."

(Baryshivka, Ukraine)



You flew too close to the pun, Icarus.