itsssnix: Taxes are not that hard. There are always people to walk you through your insurance stuff. Paying bills is pretty self-explanatory.
But in “real life” no one will point out the beauty of John Donne’s use of metaphors or how algorithms work or more importantly, perhaps, how to think critically and find evidence for your claims and how to articulate your thoughts and work with other people who, yes, will let you down but also will challenge and stretch you because they are not like you. Those are the things the world expects you to be ready to do. And those are the things school teaches you.
So stop asking how to do your taxes instead. Everyone uses TurboTax anyway.

A Garden and a Library: Dear Tumblr: 

Ph. Kasia Bielska

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Why we shouldn’t travel to other planets.


Destroy the idea that men should respect women because we are their daughters, mothers, and sisters. Reinforce the idea that men should respect women because we are people.

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This. This is feminism. This is good.

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  · Which Early Christian Heresy Are You?

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We are living in a world where “sexy poop” is actually a thing. When the world is literally making women into sexy pieces of shit, it’s time to recalibrate and embrace the joy of being actual women and people — not just sexy objects, in every sense of the phrase.

Girls on Film: It’s time to push back against ‘sexy’ costumes for girls

In recent years, the Halloween costume industry has pushed ‘sexy’ costumes that hurt boys and girls alike. Enough is enough.

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maximum-entr0py said: this is fascinating where did you learn of this???

I have to learn shorthand as part of my course, it’s considered essential for journalists!


The problem with teeline shorthand is when you write “face the consequences” you could also be writing “fuck the consequences” and it looks exactly the same.


Starry Night (detail)
Vincent Van Gogh
Oil on canvas, 1889

Song: see no evil hear no evil speak no evil
Plays: 894


See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil - JFSP s04e01


Someone needs to collate a blog of Ed Balls and Ed Miliband pulling silly faces during Prime Minister’s Questions.



Yoga for Writers
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Nano is coming…..


Old Houses in Cesky Krumlov - Egon Schiele, 1914


Mexique de Bernard Villaret, editions Silva, Zurich, 1962.